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Ask anyone who has been doing exercise or used to do exercise to make a drastic change to their life and they will tell you that consistency is the foundation of long-term success. As we all know that physical activities and a nutritious diet is an essential component of long-term health, but in the hustle of life it is difficult to make necessary changes to adopt new lifestyle habits. If you are searching for a women gym trainer near me then you need to definitely go to Meenakshi Fitness club only for women. It has one of the best trainers in India and most important it is for women only. 

When it comes to exercise, focusing on the positive aspects of changing a lifestyle makes it a more grateful experience at Meenakshi Fitness Club. Trainers are the main part when you start doing exercise, because the way they motivate you and push you to achieve your goal weight is the utmost important thing. 

Below are the six tips you must follow if you really want to lose weight. Moreover come to Meenakshi Fitness Club to move yourself to a healthier life:

1. Treat yourself

Give yourself a small reward after you have achieved your current week goal or if you were strict throughout the week in your diet and workout. But this doesn’t mean that you’re breaking the bank or enjoying all three meals of days with as much as calories you’ve burned off, but it does require a little planning to have the right reward ready. Not only by having a cheat meal you can reward yourself, but also allow you to purchase a new piece of exercise clothing or a formal work outfit, enjoy a treatment at a spa or invest in new headphones for your workouts. Treating yourself with a reward activates the pleasure centres in your mind, which helps you to establish a positive outlook. 

2. Schedule your workouts

If you start living by your office work, household chores you may sometimes feel that  schedule takes over your life and limits the amount of time available for a workout. However, if you take out time to plan out things and schedule them accordingly then you’ll definitely find time for workout and it’ll become a daily habit. On weekends plan to schedule your workout sessions for the upcoming week. Then, if someone tries to take your time then you can say, “sorry, my schedule is packed”. 

3. Set a learning goal

There are two types of goals: outcome and learning. Outcome goals focus on the end result of performing a task, such as a marathon. Learning goals, however, focus on the steps required to achieve an outcome, such as learning how to do weight lifting. Focusing on the process of learning a new exercise, weight lifting or any other format could help release more dopamine, which is released in response to positive learning experiences, so that your brain associates exercise with pleasure.

4. Change your mindset

Refocus on your outcome goals to focus on quality of life rather than trying to achieve some media-defined appearance. Instead of focusing on how to do exercise to change your look, think of exercise as a means for improving your health and enhancing your quality of life. Once  you shift your focus towards using exercise as a means for achieving and maintaining better health, you might be surprised at how motivated you will become to maintain a more consistent workout schedule.

5. Develop a journaling practice

Start using a journal and keep a track of your progress and record how you feel after exercise. This doesn’t mean lugging a journal with you to the gym for every workout—you could simply use the notes app on your phone to record a few brief statements about how the workout made you feel. Did workout make you accomplished? Were you able to do a particular exercise or run a certain distance?  Writing down the positive aspects of each workout session and how it makes you feel could help you to shift your mindset so that you focus on the process, not necessarily the outcome.

6. Find a workout buddy

Taking the steps to move to a healthier body by yourself can be tough, so having a friend with you in this journey will help you a lot. Finding a friend or any family member as your workout partner can give you someone to exercise with, which also helps time to pass quickly. It also means you and your partner are accountable to each other, which means you’re less likely to miss your workout session if you know someone is counting on you. If you and your friend or family member have decided to workout together, chances are great that you’ll have a great experience, which is establishing a long-term habit.

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