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Hey! Beautiful women, I’m back with another transformation story. (All about online session of aerobics) As I always say that sometimes the hardest part of any journey is staying motivated. Whether you’re trying to be fitter, doing hard work for getting a promotion etc. can be difficult at times. When the goal line is looking fuzzy in the distance, it can be super inspiring to revel in other people’s successes and be reminded that, yes, like them, you can do this. Palak is only 18 years old girl who has lost 12 kgs in this pandemic. She was suffering from PCOS also. Doctors had also told her to do exercise to cure this disease. She then joined an online session of aerobics in Meenakshi Fitness Club. In the beginning it was a difficult task for Palak to wake up and attend the session at 7 am. But then she was gaining a lot of weight in lock down. She decided that NO she has to do this. By doing exercise she also cured her PCOS also. At the end all I want to say is find the right motivation for yourself. Just like Palak, stay dedicated and give your 100% else everything will be in your favor. Believe in yourself and start working out. Slowly and steadily you’ll lose weight. If you like this video then hit the like button and Write Comment and share with your friends and family.

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