Weight Loss & Transformation – Divya

No matter what path you take, no matter what you try, no matter what you fail at, work towards making it happen. Commit yourself, believe in yourself- even when you have no reason to. Believe in yourself because you are the only factor standing in between whether change happens or not. You can have surgery, you can have diet trends, you can give yourself breaks. But at the end of the day, did you change your life? Did you change your habits? Did you stay positive? Did you ignore the hate, the people telling you the opposite of what’s best for you? Nobody sees what you see, nobody feels what you feel, nobody thinks the same thought as you about your life. Nobody can change your life- it’s your decision to do or not to do. Divya from Kaithal is a housewife. She was suffering from breast lump, PCOS, joint pain and blood pressure. Her sister was a part of Meenakshi Fitness Club & she was continuously telling Divya to join, but due to household chores she was not able to join. But one day her sister forcefully asked her to join. In the beginning she was finding it quite difficult to exercise but as days passed she started enjoying it. As she was attending work out sessions daily she has cured all her problems. Her main problem of breast lump was also cured by just doing exercise. Just like Divya you also have to be dedicated towards your goal and do hard work. Can you choose a direction that benefits you? Can you push yourself and work hard, in exchange of time and effort? In exchange of pain & doubt, can you look past and see it’s all for a better reason? It’s all for the future, you ‘re looking back and now and thanking you for the moment you started, thanking you for the decisions you made, thanking you for choosing a new life. Old habits die hard- but they will die and you will thrive. A new life is there, make it a burning desire to get there. If you like this video then hit the like button and Write Comment and share with your friends and family. ​


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