Best Exercise for Health and Weight Loss

Best Exercise for women

Burning calories play a vital role in weight loss. By exercise you can burn calories which in turn helps you in weight loss. Like, burning 3500 calories a week will help you lose one pound. Therefore working out and burning 3500 calories will help you to lose 0.45 kg weight. 

Proper care must be taken if you have set the particular goal to lose weight. An individual who is looking forward to losing weight must concentrate on burning calories rather than consuming them, and hence follows an intense workout routine. 

If you’re following a diet plan and not doing exercise in a bid to lose weight, then it could possibly lead to one losing muscle mass, which is not recommended. And if you supplement your diet plan with exercise at home, you could limit muscle loss. Muscle is more metabolically active and hence muscle is not recommended as a part of your weight loss program. 

The importance of exercise lies in the fact that it not only helps to lose weight but improves upon your body composition, metabolic health and overall fitness. At times, you must have noticed that weight loss exercises you do at home are not giving the desirable results. However there is nothing to worry about. If it is not decreasing your body weight then  it helps reduce your body fat and build muscle.  The waist size and body fat measurements of your body can be used to tell the entire story, which scales may sometimes fail to depict. 

4 best exercises for weight loss

1. Squats

  1. Stand up with your feet hip-width apart and your toes facing straight ahead or angled slightly outward.
  2. Slowly-slowly bend your knees and squat, push the hips back behind you, while keeping your torso straight and your abs pulled in tight.
  3. Keep your knees behind your toes. Remember that everything’s pointing in the same direction.
  4. Squat as low as you can, and push your heels to stand up

Variations of Squat

  • Squat with one dumbbells
  • Both the dumbbells in hand
  • Wall sit
  • Barbell squat
  • Wide leg squat
  • Front squat
  • One leg squat

2. Plank 

  1. Lie down face on the mat with your elbows resting on the floor next to your chest.
  2. Now try to push your body off the floor in a push-up position with your body resting on your elbows or hands.
  3. Contract the abs and keep the body in a straight line from head to toes. Hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat as many times as you can.
  4. For beginners, do this position on your knees and gradually work your way up to balancing on your toes.

3. Lunges 

  1. Stand in a split-stance position (one leg forward, one leg back).
  2. Try to bend your knees and lower your body into a lunge position, keeping the front knee and back knee at 90-degree angles.
  3. Keep the weight in your heels,and push back up (slowly) to the starting position.
  4. Never lock your knees at the top and don’t let your knee bend past your toes, otherwise it will pain
  5. Variations can be front lunges, back lunges, and side lunges.
  6. Do this exercise 2-3 times in a week.

4. Push ups (inclined) for beginners

  1. If you’re a beginner or don’t have much upper body strength, this is a good exercise to start with.
  2. Start on all fours (hands and legs) with hands a bit wider than the shoulders.
  3. Now, walk the knees back a bit in order to lean your weight on the hands and flatten the back from the head down to the back of the knees.
  4. Pull the abs in and, keeping your back straight, bend the elbows and lower body towards the floor until elbows are at 90-degree angles.
  5. Push back and do 12-16 reps. 

Exercise must be an essential part of everyone’s lifestyle. Consult a certified fitness trainer to plan out this workout routine.

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